Choosing domain name registrar, pros and cons?



I have noticed alot of services have varying prices some as cheap as $20 for 2 years to $100+
Should I expect different quality of service ?

Also if I am hosting the site on my own server is it up to the registrar whether I can forward the domain name to my server?

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Jared M

As far as looking strictly for a domain name registrar, you shouldn’t be paying more than something like $10-$15 a year for a basic .com registration. Some services offer a free WHOIS guard to protect your personal information, and some charge for it. This is up to you. Others (like GoDaddy) will try to sell you tons of addons that you really don’t need. As far as quality of service, you won’t really see a difference; they all do the same thing in the end, and that is update the root DNS servers with what IP address to route traffic heading to your domain name towards.

No matter where you’re hosting the site, it’s entirely up to you as to where you point it, you just tell the registrar what IP to send it to. If you’re hosting it at home (and your ISP allows this, many do not), just point it to your home IP address and all will be well. Do keep in mind that, if you are like most home internet customers, your IP address WILL CHANGE over time, often every few days. You might want to look into buying a static domain name if this is the case, or you will be updating your AAAA records every few days with the new IP address.

Osman Obor

Domain prices vary. Regular domain price ranges from more or less $9-$15. Others like .info domain names cost more or less $2-$4. Expired or aged domain names cost much more than regular domain names. Every year, you can renew your domain names if you want to continue hosting your website.
Here are some good domain registrars that I know of:
1. Active registrar
3. Netfirms

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