What software does surpassdomains.com use for domain name management? Looking for another registrar using this


AlienG asked:

I have been searching for a domain name registrar and I can’t stand the user interfaces many companies offer for domain name management. Many are too cluttered and focused on trying to get more of my money. I just want to register a few domain names and manage them all in one place without having to deal with all the clutter. I have used surpassdomains.com in the past and I like their domain management interface but I need a domain reseller that offers identity protection for less than $20 per domain. I would like to find out what software surpassdomains uses, and other domain registrars using that software. Thanks!

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Don M

After you are finished getting fleaced buy the money hungry try the first choice of many.
Yahoo’s Geocities


has a good interface for managing domains and has identity protection I think around $5. The domains are really cheap too. They have .coms for $6.95.

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