Is it possible to transfer a domain name registered with one registrar to a registrar of one’s choice?


Rishabh Singla asked:

I own the following domain name

and I purchased it from Net4 (a domain name registrar in India). Now I wish to move to Yahoo! India Small Business (another domain name registrar in India) for both my domain name as well as the storage space for my website.

Is it possible to somehow shift my domain name from Net4 to Yahoo! India?

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Yes it definitely is, you need to contact Net4 and let them know you would like to do so…I would give you more detailed instructions but I am not familiar with the company.

Joseph C

The first responder is correct, however, none of the companies make it easy. It is sometimes better to leave the domain name where it is and just forward to the new DNS or actual web address on the new servers.

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